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Doug Crompton of Richboro, PA

I live in an old Bucks County, PA stone farmhouse built in 1744. It had a slate roof installed sometime in the early 1940's. My family moved into the home in 1968 and I purchased it in 1989. My big concern was the roof which over the years had started to lose pieces which I would fine on the ground. I am involved in local preservation efforts and did a great deal of my own restoration work on my home but the slate roof was one thing I would not attempt to do on my own.

When I saw the Slate Savers system it looked like a good alternative to replacing the entire roof. It allowed me to retain the slate and hopefully keep it around for another forty years or more. The Slate Saver system seals the entire structure and makes it impossible for slates to fall out.

Stan and the crew at Slate Savers did an outstanding job of protecting the house and installing their system. In addition to the slate preservation I had them install a copper ridge vent and gutters.

It has now been more then 8 years since the installation and I have absolutely no complaints. Not one slate has been lost, there are no leaks, and I am looking forward to many more years of a trouble free roof.

I would highly recommend the Slate Saver system to anyone that has a slate roof.

Doug Crompton
Richboro, PA

From Hal Schneikert of Wilmington, DE:

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work you did on my home last fall. Living in an 80+ year old house has it's challenges. When that is combined with living in one of the first planned communities in the United States, which is on the Historic Register and has very strict deed restrictions, it is always a challenge to find economical ways to preserve our slate roofs. Slate Savers provided an excellent solution. Our Architectural Committee, led by a registered Professional Engineer, was pleased to approve your system for use throughout the Park with the hope that it would provide an economical alternative to the replacement of our aging slate roof inventory.

After a hard winter with considerable snow and ice my roof looks great and I have experienced no problems. The professionalism and care with which all the work was accomplished (whether the slate grouting, flashing, chimney caps, or dormer roof restoration) was certainly gratifying to see in this day and age.

Thanks again for a job well done."

From Derek Hill & Alison Shelton of Takoma Park, MD:

"We had a slate roof on our 90 year old house preserved and restored with the Slate Savers process several years ago.

We were able to obtain a Historical Preservation Tax Credit, and have been pleased with the results."

From Robert M Turrin of Haddenfield, NJ

Stan  -  I sent this message to the Chair of Haddonfield’s Historic Preservation Commission, David Gottardi. 

David  -  My name is Robert Turrin and I live at 117 W Euclid Ave in Haddonfield.    Since you serve as Chair of the Historical Commission, I thought you should know about the new process that my wife and I recently used to restore and preserve our 1880 vintage slate roof.    The new process was developed by a company called Slate Savers involves injecting a patented arcrylic grout under the edges of the slates.  The slates are locked into place and are rendered water tight .   The treatment is much less costly than a replacement asphalt roof and the outcome is really terriffic.   The web site is     The owner is fellow named Stan Ward who would be willing to speak to the Commission if you have any interest.   This company has also used this process on older church building as well as residences.   Just for the record, I have no financial interest in the Slate Savers Company and I'm passing this along to you solely because the process facilitates historic preservation.

Robert M Turrin

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Timothy M. Gunning
Timonium, MD
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