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Slate is a beautiful, long-lasting material that has long been recognized for its low maintenance and water-proof and fire-proof qualities, not to mention its elegance. A slate roof is indeed the crowning touch on many residential and public buildings throughout the United States.Depending on the quality, a slate roof can last from 60 to well over 100 years.

Towards the end of a roof's serviceable life, however, slate maintenance becomes increasingly necessary. At this point, the slate shingles - or tiles - are usually still in good shape. It's the fasteners, or nails, that corrode and fail from years of exposure to the elements, causing the slate tiles to fall and break.

When building owners face a tough decision regarding slate repair, they usually opt to replace the tiles with an inferior and less beautiful substitute material. Slate restoration that involves a new slate roof is often cost-prohibitive.

Slate Savers is the only system available designed to preserve the historic value, protect and virtually renew the life of your original slate roof at a cost effective price. Additionally, using the Slate Savers system may qualify for tax credits! Visit the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (National Park Service) for more information.


Slate Roof Repair, Restoration and Preservation

This photo shows a roof that has had the top portion treated with the Slate Savers system. The bottom half has not been treated. One can see how little this system actually changes the appearance of the roof immediately after application.

In time, the ultra-thin, breathable layer of grout, left on the face of the slate during application, will weather away, as designed, leaving only the slate's natural beauty behind as well as the adhesive qualities of the grout which has been injected between and under the slates.

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