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Sacred places represent tradition in both the religious and architectural sense. Preserving the beauty and architectural integrity of your building of worship for generations to come is a worthy undertaking.

The financial and logistical challenges associated with restoring and preserving historic structures often means compromise and can ultimately affect the end result.
church roof restoration

When this happens over an extended period of time, the original architecture becomes something less than intended by its creators. Often the roof on a structure is one of the last building components to receive attention, yet all building restoration and preservation must begin at the top with the roof.

If your structure has a slate roof that is nearing the end of its serviceable life, you'll want to take a look at Slate Savers. Slate Savers, over ten years in development and field testing, is a unique method that keeps the existing slate roof intact and adds decades to the life of the roof. It's a viable, cost-effective option for congregations faced with overwhelming needs and limited funds.
The patented Slate Savers process can help your congregation preserve it's historic slate roof and the intended architectural appearance.

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First Baptist Church
Cape May Court House, New Jersey

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